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Tesshi cries...!

Ok I promised I would upload it for some for some of you guys who were so interested in the YaYaYah ep where Tegoshi was crying.
Yup he actually cried! Never cried once for NewS or maybe even a girl for that matter. But he did cry for this one segment of a re-marriage. I think he was the only guy who was crying his eyes out! Ok well maybe not crying his eyes out but you get the point.

I took some screenshots of him crying so click on the fake cut! xDxD He's so beautiful ne!

TegoShi crying

TegoShi crying

He looks really sad ..

LOOK his eyes are so red! He's about to cry..

Do you see the tear running down from his right eye?! Poor baby...

Then the camera zoooms into only Tegoshi. He broke down....!!

Tegoshi has completely lost it! Aww poor baby I want to lend him my shoulder to cry on and comfort him<3. stupid koyama wasn't consoling him >=O

Then he tries to wipe his tears and sniffles away.. It was a happy ending, not sad! ^__^ he got big huge beautiful anime eyes!!!

In conclusion, I LOVE TEGOSHI ! !

Well anyway, here it is.
Join with HJ split

YA3 - 2007.04.07 #218 .001 .002

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