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Most everyone in the office left for Vegas for a trade show. So that left me a few others in the office. I don't get to go to Vegas because of stupid class on Sat. morning =( I was SOOO BORED that I made this wallpaper for my computer at work lol, Good thing Joe installed Photoshop on it wahahha...It's just like my icon but wallpaper version. AHHH Tegoshi is so FIONE!!

I also listened to Tegoshi/Tegomass songs alllll day long on ipod. Seriously put it on repeat and you know Tegoshi doesn't have many solo songs. Ah no matter how boring work is, my Tegoshi uplifts me to heaven no matter where I am at ^^

ah my computer at work <3 I just made the wallpaper first thing I came into work LOL ^^

I had mail today from my friend in Japan. She bought me a YUKATA FOR MY BIRTHDAY! omg soo friggin cooL! A real one from Japan! =O Here's a pic if you dont know what a real one looks like! I hope i can use it for tea ceremony soon when I have time to get lessons for it =X, Don't know how to use it, hardest piece of clothing to figure out ever O__O But uwah it's beautiful xDxD

Some of you might have remembered the fire I was talking about a few weeks ago. Finally got the pictures out of my cell fone and here. Yeah like around the corner, a strip mall building was in flames! LOOK at the black smoke like right by my house ! .it was a sad day for our city..

and the aftermath, it burned down in 2-3 hours, and it looked LIKE THIS O_O.  the bakery we used to go to since I was a child is now gone forever~ nothing but sadness here =[ took the pic when I drove by LOL

AHHH funny JE rumors, I don't know if should believe or not? Go to kozumifan     since she took out the best parts of some of the gay ass rumors goin` around. Some even about my TESSHI, NOOOOO. Thanks shoonie wahaha that was sucha GOOOD laugh on the phone =X

Random uploads, Shoonie listen to the summary song, kya! My favorite summary song, sung quite beautifully well by everyone<3
MU Summary of Johnny's World.mp3

Also from kazama_2009    , she was kind (and CRAZY!) enough to upload some various shop photos she has of Kattun.
Hope you don't mind me posting kazama, I saw the link and didn't want it to go to waste LOL, LOVE YA!

Ahh and final goodbye to moonie, she's leaving tmr for her damn long ass one month vacation to China AND Japan. WOOT Cat IMMA MISS YOU, YOU BETTER MESSAGE ME WHEN YOU GET INTERNET OVER THERE. Also if anyone is interested in buying Johnny stuff at the JE store, I believe she will be visiting it so visit the devotion forum and request some shop photos from her (if she hasn't spent all her $3000+ whatever much she's bringing there LOL crazy girl<3)

And here, This is the audiobook version of the last harry potter book. I have all of the other audiobooks so I'll upload it soon. All british accents I believe^^

MU Harry Potter & The Deathly Hollows, audiobook.mp3

Tomorrow have dumb school field trip ( no I'm not in 5th grade or whatever) It's for oceanography stupid General Education class, son of a stupid bitch BAKA!!! Okay anyway, we go on a boat cruise to look at various crap in the ocean ~ HMM I shall post pics when I get home. I have a uber long day tmr, not to mention a super busy weekend.

I miss fangirling you Tegoshi, miss it sooo much.

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