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NewS con DVD. Mines is packaged rdy for shippin!

I am fangirlin` bout the CONCERT DVD. It's the best stuff to come out since AAA UWAH!

UMAI UMAI. I don't think I can say Umai in this context can I? meh whatever the dvd was OISHII & UMAI. Hmm I'm gonna have to say my most favorite scene was.........I decided to choose......... ..............hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
KoyaShige's hoteru party ! wooooot. I literally was laughing out loud and played it back twice because it was so darn hilarious. Those two...really know how to party ne!

OOh and I can't forget ...
the magician scene!

Tesshi, you dork, he's so talented even Massu was like, 'TEGOSHI, SUGEE' This is my favorite part^^

That's so genius, that they would always be wearing sars mask around when they were sick. You'd NEVER see that in America, no matter where you go, having a cold and all.

It's RARE to find Tegoshi in sunglasses.

he's better than YOU! <3

LOOK at hime him. He's such a rockstar slut, my gawd even the hime can be kakkoi.

aww poor thing is sayin` good bye to the camera. otsukadasama desu. Did anyone notice how he was holding the camera? LIKE he totally kept checking himself out to make sure he had the good angles on him LOLz. He's the best ;)

So whatever, here's this weeks ItteQ. No trip for the hime. Tegoshi just sits there and looks pretty. wahahaha (no, he really does)

and last segment was gay, had the girl choose who was the best looken` guy on the show. guess who she picked ne...

and I totally noticed something about Becky. She has a huge overbite O_O lol

[TV] 20070805 - seikai no hatemade itteQ
MU Part 1: .001 .002
MU Part 2: .001 .002

And some Japanese expressions, minna can use! ^__^ Study hard please~ Got some from books I have~

Yatta (I did it!)
Say this when you accomplish something big or receive a great opportunity.

Honto (Really?)
Say to confirm what you just heard

Ah, so desu ka (Really.)
Say this every time your conversational partner provides a new piece of information.

Mochiron (Of course!)

Ah, yokatta (Oh, good)
Say everytime you feel like it's a relief or "Oh good"

Zenzen (Not at all)
This is the phrase of denial. IE someone asks you, "am I disturbing you?" If she isn't bothering you, you say Zenzen and shake your head

Nani (What?)
Say when you don't hear or understand what the other person said. Also can use it when you can't believe or don't like what you hear.

Doshiyo (What shall I do?)
Say when you are in a panic and have no idea what to do

Ah, bikkurishita (What a surprise!)
Say when you are very surprised, like when that fangirl screamed out in the mike to Ryo in the con dvd. wahahaha.

Yappari (I knew it would happen)

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