noka (misoyo) wrote,

Tegoshi oooH

alright I found another pic of his bulging crotch wahhh

Tego+kids = no match at all. On the other hand, Aiba + kids = Rabu Family! =X Been watching mago mago lately ^_^

oh and more downloads!dymed_angel posted like her entire Kame collection of pictures for others and I, total is about 700-900 pictures of Kame here ~_~ and GRIP LOADS OF WALLPAPERS GALORE ! SO I'm reposting the links here. you are love dymed<333 so Please go to her LJ and randomly comment thanking her hahah.

All MediaFire & winrar files.
Kame 01
Kame 02
Kame ava/icons
Akame Walls
Akame pics

ah and kazama, i'm still waiting to upload the shisso makin` for ya xDxD I have to see if the video file even works cuz I haven't even watched it =X I know bad I'm bad, warui =/

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Ahaha. Aiba and kids... is it him or Sho that keeps getting kicked in his crotch by them? ROFL.
Aiba and animals is way better. TSD! X333 ♥
Okay. I'm gonna take basically every single download you have up there. :) Thanks for uploading!
HwM acoustic is LOVE. ♥
LOL I think it's riida that keeps getting kicked in the crotch, poor him. Sho & Aiba are so cute with the kids ♥ you're right too, Aiba is soooo funny with animals, ah I need to watch more of that zoo show xDxD
wow damn but now is really danger to go to peru bcoz the replicas to the earthquake.. damn for me is really easy to go to peru, Chile is really close to that country...
ah you mean the aftershocks? You're right, I completely forgot about the aftershocks, poor itteQ crew, I hope they will take care ! Ah you are from Chile? wow^^
jajajaja yeap im from Chile, i say to my mum hey i want to go to peru but she say NOOOOOO
But in peru died more than 500 people is really sad

btw thanks for tego pics i dont have it
Wow from Chile, soo far away xD Well not far from me I am in N.America. Why do you want to go to Peru, it is dangerous, but I understand because Tegoshi is there right?! OMg you can help Tego & the itteQ crew and maybe you can show them around or be a translator!

Yeah it is very sad about the earthquake. Now I have to write an essay report about the earthquake for my class =/

Your welcome, hope you like Tegoshi's crotch ne ~ hahah
i really be happy if a meet tego-chan.. I love it is so cute i really want to saw that itteQ
Good luck in ur report dear byee
omg omg..!
so so so generous =)
this must be everyone's lucky day.
T_______T I love you P. <3 I love your Tegoshi spammage-s always. More pics of Tego's crotch ahahahhahahah goddess XDD Why does Tegoshi have to be so charming, why does he have to be so talented...and most of all WHY DOES HE HAVE TO BE SUCH A SLUT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

AAAAAAAAAAAARGHHHHH Tegoshi, you're making me insane XDDD Tego is hot sex with candy flavour and babies T______T

Thank you for all the uploads,as you expected i leeched everything <3

mwah ^^
lol calm down girl ! hehe but who could calm down with those tight ass jeans he is wearing all the time? I love his crotch ne. LOL hot sex with candy flavour, YUMMMMMMM. Omg I learned how to play miso soup on the piano, but I suck because I am not good enough to create the accompaniment for it, would you know how to? If so, write it on sheet paper so we can both play it ! please som !!! <333
p.s. in that tegoraji promotional *thing*,i dunnow how to call it, they used one of his greatest pics..Isn't he the most beautiful creature ever!Ah Tegoshi <3
hi misoyo!
thanks for the links!
I didn't know Tego came to Peru to help the people.
I'm dl that tv sp.
thanks! =)
hey makito how are you? Yeah I didnt know he came to Peru either, I'm so shocked and happy at the same time! So exciting! Enjoy ne and see you on devotion hehehe <3
^0^ Thanks for the uploads.
Man I adore Tegoshi's voice.
wow is that tego's tegoraji poster??? ahhhhhh i really like that shot!!! his smile is so cute!! i so hope for the DVD of this too!

tego's itteQ in 24 hours TV sounds really exciting. i heard he came on the stage too. i've been reading fan blog/BBS for the last hour to find out if he sung anything on stage, but so far havevn't been able to find anything credible. i guess i will have to wait until someone upload the 24 hours TV....AGAH please someone!!

oh yeah speaking of 24 hours TV, i saw kat-tun dancing in the back to T&T while singing samurai and thought it was cute =)
Yeah that is the raji promo picture. Fione pic of Tegoshi but really lame that they used an old shop photo for it ~_~. On the other hand, there are new shop photos of his radio show ! ! ! ! ! Finally new pics.

hmm i dont mind uploading the 24 hours tv if no one else is going to up it. what stage are you talking about? I found several recordings of his Radio show LOL, crazy fangirls...Maybe I'll post that next too. My gawd his songs are ownage, sends chills down my spine...
i dunno but didn't he has more exposure than just the itteQ part?? that how it sounded to me so i was really excited about it. will i be able to find 24 hrs on like chinese bt sites?? if not can you up it, please?

does tego still have radio show? i know you mean the tegoraji probably but i am just wondering how long ago was his radio show cancelled?? i finally was able to find some tegoshi's what a wonderful music recently and when i heard him sing live it lost a breathe.....his live performances never fail to amaze me.
This 24hr itteQ special will showcase more Tegoshi since he traveled with the crew overseas. Usually he doesn't have any more exposure than this. xDxD

Tegoshi no longer has his own radio show. What a wonderful music aired back in 2005 but that didn't last long. I was able to find most of his recordings too and he would sing on it while playing the acoustic guitar (im sure he was playing it ne!) His songs and singing is so beautiful, never fail to amaze me either, NEVER <3 Other than that, he is found as a guest on several other member's radio show like Keichan NewS, masterhits, and shiget together xD. But he doesn't sing on them ~_~;

The itteQ is not available via torrent yet because it just showed up on CB, so maybe by tmr it would be up on bt. I'll upload it in a bit then, I know some fans here wanted to dl it really bad haha.
i got one masterhits where he sung miso soup english version with massu. that was was amazing too!!! so you think tego was playing the guitar too?? i wasn't sure but after i saw tegoraji, i am sure that he was playing them. ahhhhh~ did you listen to the one where tego and massu sung "zutto"?? i almost teared up cuz it was so beautiful. hahahha

oh clubbox i see. i never know how to download form CB. haha. i clicked around but the korean really confused me and it didn't get anywhere. lol.

did you watch 24 hours TV already? i haven't been able to see it so i have no idea but someone was saying tego came to budoukan (where the show is hosted which is the stage). i'm really hoping this is true but if you can clear it up for me it would be awesome!
I've only watched that one segment that showed Tegoshi..really boring because only few camera time for him.. So yes he did come to the stage where the show is hosted. He is very kawaiiiiiii!! lol I'm trying to find the other segments with more Tegoshi if any >


9 years ago


9 years ago

Taking both videos!
It seems that there are a lot of tegoshi fans ever since he has changed his hairstyle! (i've become one too! XD)
♥ and thankyouuuuu!
thank you so much ..
will grab ALL (>.<)
wow thanks for the quick reply!!LOL dont worry u dont sound stupid at all in the became a habit for me as well before ><

anyways... so tegoraji is actually not a radio show?! its like a live in an auditorium?... and also he only did it till the end of july right? but it recorded on the radio station?

sorry for such stupid questions! @@""
Hmm they call it Tegoshi radio show but it's actually a live, yes held at an auditorium and it was only for a few nights. It's not recorded for the public or the radio station. It's entrance by tickets only. =3

It's okay not stupid questions! Tego is best ^^
Thanks ^_^ taking it all lol song, videos and pics xD
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