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kchan news


I just totally had to post this~

Tego was a guest on kchan news yesterday and OMFG they were doing monomanes it was soo hilarious. I was like totally laughing out loud ~

Tegoshi sang Sen no Kaze ni Natte by Akikawa Masafumi, an opera like song that's been on oricon charts for like the past year O_O. and OMG it sounds JUST LIKE HIM ! ! ! So I ripped that part and part of the original song. I'm so shocked that Tegoshi can sing like that. That boy never fails to amaze me. Good things come in small packages ne ;)

Okay here's the original one, you have to listen to that first~
Akikawa Masafumi - Sen no Kaze ni Natte.mp3 MF
Tegoshi's imitation.mp3 MF

Here is the entire recording
2007.08.20 - kchan news - guest Tegoshi.mp3 MF

On Kchan news, they were both talking about Tegoshi's monomanes in his Live raji show, about Kame & Nagase. On the start, they both greeted in Korean! It was cute xD. and then Tegoshi said something funny, I was like ohohohoho.. Then Koyama had Tegoshi imitate some other singers ~ Tegoshi sang a B'z song, it was cute & soo funny.  He kinda did sound like the b'z singer! the style was there and Koyama said it was good. Hahah and they both giggled. Next was Masafumi.

Akikawa Masafumi sings in a very deep bass. And Tegoshi can imitate it quite well O_O Koyama was giggling and Tegoshi continued to sing in that tone and was like the background music while Koyama was concluding.  Koyama got annoyed and finally said Urusai! xD.. Here Koyama also promoted Massu's machimasu radio show @tokyo globe. Towards the ending, Tegoshi starts singing HwM in that deep tone voice in like an opera style, soo funny ne.

Also Hachi has her new scans up. Something is seriously wrong with Yuya’s parents, maybe they meant to have a daughter instead of a son. They were maybe hoping so bad for a girl but instead got a boy. Hahaha. Tego is the only child so he is a lil brat.BRAT!
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