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Male Host Club

hmmmmm k so these were vacation photos of some girl on baidu that I found. And when I saw this, my eyes were so glorified and fixated on these photos. I was like what eyes then widened as I awed with curiosity. These were what they called the male hosts in Japan. Then I thought, wow this must be the Vegas of Japan but these guys surpass those huge gorilla Chippendale strippers in Vegas... This was actual beauty godsend to help ugly girls like us feel better O_O And so I continued to stare at it all night, "lady's club Vanity," "Club Universe" "Iris" ...

How can something so slutty be so beautiful?? Someone tell me now...WHY HOW...ahhh these are indeed the GODS of Japan, kimura who?
can you say  S E C K S..

Oh yeah they own the night world.  The ones I marked..... I want!!!!!! Omg his name is Koki! lol =(  Actually I want them all and I said I would sleep with each and every one. yeah I could be a slut like that HAHAHAAH. These guys are the hottest thing on the planet, I've never witnessed such beauty!!!!!!!!!!! The guy at the bottom 4th to last looks kind of like Mabo rofl.
somniumobscurum and cel_chan had already gone to Osaka before and met so many of these guys!!!  And they were telling me all kinds of stories about the male hosts like even though they look like beautiful angels, they have a sad sorrowful life. Hmm basically it's almost similar to prostitution. And also  that they cost so much money I think Cel mentioned like over $1000 usd!!? Geebus which reminds me, my credit card just increased my credit line by 600% ! ! That is helll of a lot.  Let's just say I have enough to buy a new Honda.  And that means I have more buying power, gawd that sucks.  It's like I'm DEAD just kill me.  Giving me more power to shop is the worst thing anyone can do.  So with that being said, I can use that credit card for many many rounds of sex I mean meetings with the guys at the host clubs wahahahaha.  and taru chan found this pic on wiki although it has a bunch of old men on it rofl.

New plan when in Japan: Visit Male host Club. (gawd im smirking at the thought of doing one in Japan ugh i'm like a hentai, but seriously arent they FIONE???)
And then stalk Tego.~

its 11pm now and im gonna pull an all nighter to study for stupid class stupid homework and stupid ass professors. What a stupid major I picked.  I already napped for an hour so I can stay up all night.

So the plan:
study > work > class > class > I'll be home at 11pm..omg that's 24 hrs later !

Tomorrow will be the longest day of my life =(
Tegoshi, help me :_: BAH forget Tegoshi, I really want a male host now lol.
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