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Tegoshi Yuya Media Downloads

Woo finally people can stop harassing me to finish what I started (´_ゝ`)
I bring the last part of the dead run making of starring Yuya.
This is much like the third part.

S h i s s o
They completed the filming back in Dec '04 I think.
Then a year later they show them at a press conference.
Tesshi looks really great! ヽ(;・ー・)ノ

This shot is so cute! Why...? I don't know but it looks really sweet and real (●´―`●) Just imagine yourself as that old lady ~heheh

[DVD] Shisso.Dead Run making of - Dash part 2.rmbv (25m15s, 186MB) | MU
Just added: .avi (456mb) Mediafire .001 | .002 | .003 | .004 | .005
Join with HJ split^
This is chinese subbed by the yuyacn group
Also you can find the rest of the parts 1, 3, & 4 under my messed up tags. dead run making of

new working links uploaded by the greatest tegomy 
Part 1

Part 2 ---->001 ----->002

Part 3 ---->001 --->002 ---->003 --->004 ---->005 ---->006

Part 4 ---->001 ---->002 ---->003

B r e a k P o i n t !
I don't know what it is but found it on baidu

Yuya is promoting Pacific ( ゜∀゜)人(゜∀゜ )
Break Point! NEWS tegoshi pacific[字幕].avi (0m47s, 4MB) | MF | SS

Z o o m I n
This is an old clip I've never seen before xD
They talk about Yuya's acceptance into Waseda I guess.
Then they talk about other educated johnny boys.

20060116 Tegoshi Yuya Waseda University goukaku.rmvb (2m28s, 12MB) | MF
again subbed in chinese by the yuyacn group

T a k a C
Hahah because I felt like posting him. Isn't he cute!?!!
He looks ultra hot here!! Totally right! Dondake~ (*^_^*)

Okay I'll tell everyone a secret about me. I first got into Japanese boys because of him.
I fell in love with him at first sight, yes long long ago when Love Story or whatever that movie came out
and he had a story in it with an actress from beijing. But I eventually grew out of him ; ;
Then today I watched stand up extra & ng and here he was (^O^)/

WOOT I'm still deciding where to go on black friday this year.
I'm totally gonna buy a new scanner and I'm greedy I want another hard drive.
And also some more storage units like a small chip or hmmm wakanai!

I'll update more stuff tomorrow..again..heheh don't hate me!
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