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yuya's shop photos & news rapping? xD

Here it is, I finally re-scanned the weeeek set and while I was at it, scanned the other photos. Sorry I took so long guys for the people that requested it, please forgive me >< If you already downloaded the weeeek ones from me, please delete that and re-download them cuz these look much nicer and a higher quality, promise! I would make this post a "2007 Tegoshi shop photo Post" but I don't have the entire 2007 collection. Sooo if anyone is nice enough to share the rest of them with me, I'd like to post it! <333 Onegai !

Tegoshi weeeek shop photos, 51 scans, 12 mb, MF | MU

Tegoshi party shop photos, 34 scans, 9mb, MF | MU
This collection still has some missing pics. Sorry I don't have them and I can't find a proper scan of them anywhere else xD

Tegoshi raji shop photos, 16 scans, 4mb MU | MF

Did anyone else listen to the 'fancam' NEWS rap intro from their concert? Hahah Koya + Tego 's part rocked didnt it! Well I had to rip the audio because it was hard to tell who was who. We were arguing over which part was Koya and Tego hahah. The part where he goes, dondake ~ Here if anyone wants to download it !

2007.12.15 newsconosaka Rap.wav (sorry i was too lazy to convert it to mp3 ><) mediafire

Ahh many reports have been posted already about the concert and the MC. I wish I can read it! Where all the fancams at hahah =X Dying to watch some! I'll update if I find anything XD
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