noka (misoyo) wrote,

Test Drive

Any fan who thinks Jin is sweet and shy must be new to the fandom lmao. He's a gay overly eccentric arrogant perverted selfish motherfuckin bastard. I talk a lot of shit about him but I idolize him. I just get annoyed when all these newbs come in and go kya over his "sweetness". He's nothing like that. Plus his english is fail. He needs to study more. Thought he'd do a better job since he's been living here for a while. I have to agree though he's really shy. Noticed that in many past videos even back when catoon-KT was on.

Anyway, should I take tmr off work to go try and meet him?? It would be a friggin dream come true <333 Not sure though cuz I wonder if girls are already there camping. Plus LA is far from ME. Not too far but still my car is expensive to drive around lol.

Look at that stupid look on his uh DUH

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