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Tegoshi oooH

alright I found another pic of his bulging crotch wahhh

yes ! it is there.

Okay check out these funny tegomass candids. massu is the only dork here !

LOL ! So cute massu's face.

Tego+kids = no match at all. On the other hand, Aiba + kids = Rabu Family! =X Been watching mago mago lately ^_^

And ooh a 24hr something itteQ? Like omg Tego is going on a trip with the crew ! Yatta ! ! !
Okay so apparently they flew to this city in Peru called Nazca ...
Tegoshi apparently spent two days with the deaf kid you see here pictured
They wanted to draw a picture for him that he wanted on the sand below, seeeee?
and the ep is airing tmr Sunday. Should be an amazing segment...
Thankspyokopyoko & haru31 for the info <3

[CM] 20070818 24hr itteQ Special.avi MU | MF

Ah and for those who might have missed it might as well post it here too XD

[TV] 20070730 TOKYO morning sapuri (MXTV) - Tegoshi Radio.avi MU | MF
Credits to NBJ, subbed in Chinese ~ ah and the audio is kind of not in timing ><
hahah on his show, he teaches how to do the monomane's like kamenashi & nagase O_O

Ooh also I had ripped for a friend the part where he sings 19secs of HwM playing acoustic guitar so thought I'd post it here too. KYAAAAAAA REALLY NICE I PROMISE!!!!!

20070730 Tegoshi Raji - HwM acoustic 19secs.mp3  MU | MF

Credit pic to aki=news.

He's a star!!
If anyone wanted to know about his Radio Show, it was held from 7/27 - 7/31 and held at the Tokyo Globe, quite a small auditorium.  Entrance by tickets only. Not recorded for TV, and like Mary says, hey maybe it'll turn into a DVD ! Dream dream

oh and more downloads!dymed_angel posted like her entire Kame collection of pictures for others and I, total is about 700-900 pictures of Kame here ~_~ and GRIP LOADS OF WALLPAPERS GALORE ! SO I'm reposting the links here. you are love dymed<333 so Please go to her LJ and randomly comment thanking her hahah.

All MediaFire & winrar files.
Kame 01
Kame 02
Kame ava/icons
Akame Walls
Akame pics

ah and kazama, i'm still waiting to upload the shisso makin` for ya xDxD I have to see if the video file even works cuz I haven't even watched it =X I know bad I'm bad, warui =/

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