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F-LOCKED! friends add here!!

Do we have anything in common? We should talk ^_^

*UPDATE - I deleted tons of people on my F-list.  Nothing personal, just that I don't really know you or don't hear from you anymore.  Feel free to take me off your list too.  But if you want to talk again, say hello sometime!!

I likes:
Tegoshi Yuya
Okada Junichi
Ishigaki Daisuke
Eita, Haruma, Hiroki, Hiro, Shota, Sato, Oguri
As for females, I idolize Karina, Tsubasa, Chiaki Kuriyama, Matsumoto Rio(although I think she went insane), Erika Toda, Meisa Kuroki

v6, news, arashi, kinki kids, smap, kat-tun, question?
Johnny`s and Jr`s
I love watching shounen club, smapxsmap, music station.
Addicted to JDORAMA, I try to watch as much drama every season.
Gyaru, ganguro, ageha, lolita fashion. I love taking purikura pictures.
I just love shopping & fashion, big sunglasses.  I love LaForet!!
I love nightlife, partying & drinking.  I can be really loud.
Host & hostess Clubs.  Very fascinating world.
Anime~Naruto, Desu Noto, Bleach, and some new titles currently airing in Japan
My favorite music is Trance, Classical, Irish and Jpop.
Outside of Johnny`s, my #1 is Gackt. I like greeeen, Perfume, UVERworld, Hyde.
My favorite cities are Harajuku and Shibuya.

Japanese foods ~ okonomiyaki, sukiyaki, yanikiku, miso, dango!
Chatting, fangirling on msn.

I hate KPOP and kpop culture and KPOP fans so don't add me, sorry lol.

Comment to be added

as of 1/1/2009, this blog is mainly for personal rantages.  You'll find in my posts that there is a pretty dark side to me.  But don't be scared~ xD.  Most of it is still spazzing about Japan though, so Japan lovers, kochi kochi~!!

Hair o_O
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